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Avijit Halder '12

Avijit Halder '12

Calcutta, India
Kanbar Institute of Film & TV, Undergraduate Film

Avijit was born in Calcutta, India, and was one of the children documented in the Oscar-winning film Born into Brothels. Due to the documentary's success, Avijit was able to attend high school in the United States, where he learned about the Tisch School of the Arts' Summer High School Program in film.

Avijit says that it was after participating in the program that he decided to attend the Tisch School and pursue a career in film. "[The program] gave me the spark that I could go into film. The experience overall - it was hard, because it was a lot of work, but the challenge was just amazing...I thought this is what I really want to do. This is what college is supposed to be like."

A Surdna Foundation Scholar, Avijit credits the financial support he received for making his success possible. "The scholarship was everything to me...My whole life is like a scholarship - from where I come from to where I am today to who I am. Everything. The scholarship means that much to people who get them.They have talent, but they can't express it because they don't have enough money. The scholarship is the door that lets them out."Avijit is now pursuing an undergraduate degree in film.  He says, "I believe in the power of film and how it changed my life. I firmly believe that it can change anyone's life."

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